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The Craft Company was founded in 1997. It started as a small design house with the idea of creating art for everyday life. We believe every product we create should evoke an emotion, so that functional objects in our life mean something. Our products range from home accessories, to furniture, flooring and fashion.

Every product produced at The Craft Company is crafted by hand. We have accumulated the finest craftsmen, trained them and brought them together under one roof so that our products are a blend of different crafts and design. Our unique use of mosaic, our own blends of paint and polish and our own textile weaves set us apart.

Moreover, The Craft Company has always believed in reviving ancient crafts and traditions bringing more and more people in touch with the richness of our heritage. The Craft Company stores are located in Karachi at The Park Towers Shopping Mall at Zamzama Lane 6. In Lahore you can find us at The Mall of Lahore in Cantt and at H Karim Buksh store at Y Block Defense.

The Craft Company products are available in Spain, France, Canada and Japan and plans are on the way to open in Islamabad and Dubai.


Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (park Lane Tower).