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Cambridge is a men’s apparel brand that excels in men’s corporate and casual wear, from garments to accessories. With a diverse product range, professionals, who are young and upcoming, to those who are older and established, can easily work and play in Cambridge wear. Cambridge garments are superior in quality, sophisticated in style and match international standards. Cambridge values its customer’s loyalty, and admires their drive for success. In a similar fashion, Cambridge also strives for perfection to create a product that is well-deserving of its owner.
Cambridge follows a seasonal product calendar inclusive of several festivities such as Eid and Ramadan. A new theme is developed for each season which enables our customers to enjoy fresh designs and styles throughout the year.

The Cambridge Story

1958 – 1971

In 1958 Mr. M.H Ismail laid the foundation of this company with a small stitching set up, sited in Jodia Bazaar, Karachi. This was a partnership based company which produced office wear shirts under the brand name of “Century”. Over the years “Century” established its brand identity and by 1970, it was a well recognized brand in both East and West Pakistan.

1971 – 2002

In the year 1971, Mr. Anis Ismail Naviwala, son of one partner Mr. M.H Ismail, re-launched the brand under the name of “CAMBRIDGE”. Cambridge brought a fresh perspective to the shirt which had suffered due to faulty collar making and poor tailoring in a traditional “make to order” environment. Cambridge developed expertise in crafting the right collar, which only a garment factory could manage and demonstrated careful fabric selection with fine finishing, producing quality corporate wear that matched the imported shirt experience.

This allowed Cambridge to capture market share and build name recognition that became synonymous with happy and satisfied customers. Cambridge has continued to grow its portfolio which now contains a diverse range of garments and accessories.