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The Buksh group is one of the leading business groups in leading Pakistan’s retail market and has distinguished history, various successful business ventures and exclusive links with numerous international names. Established in 1948 by its initial chairman Saeed Ahmed Buksh, the group has continued to develop under the directives of his sons, Asim (CEO), Saqib (Director), and Usman (Director) and has spread across four cities with 13 retail outlets.

Finding a potential and promising market for menswear, the youngest brother, Usman Buksh, decided to launch an in-house project by the name of EXIST. The product lines of this label are aimed at young professionals who appreciate smart dressing and international fashion trends. It stands apart from the men’s store project because it caters to an audience which is looking for affordability. While prices are significantly low and within reach for many, specific care is kept in providing the latest cuts and designs, a range of fine fabrics, flawless stitching and superior finishing, So that the quality is not compromised.

EXIST carries formal and semi-formal wear, a range of accessories, and a couture service with expertise in dressing shirts and suits. The latest inclination towards linen has been a huge success and is the brand’s first step towards a casual look. With over six outlets in Lahore, EXIST has quickly gained recognition and become a brand of choice for many professionals.


Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).