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Ismail farid creates a fusion of contemporary and chic bringing a fresh and innovative outlook to menswear in Pakistan, catering to a wide audience encompassing all age groups. The label aims to provide contemporary stance for both the western and eastern wear in Pakistan.

With the advent of new millennium, there was an ever growing frustration in Pakistan due to the lack of good western wear. This led to the initializing of IN five years ago when ismail farid, a business student decided to experiment with designing clothes of him self. Alongside, ismail gained experience in couture by working with some of the top reputable designers in New York and created entire clothing lines for their seasonal collections. With the blend of creativity and experience, his designs gained high appreciation with peers which led him to start his own label from home in Pakistan. As the business grew ismail did test marketing by opening an outlet at Zamzama for a month. The outlet got an overwhelming response which led him to transition from catering to friends and family to the mass public.   

From shirts to suits; casual to formal, the outfits take you from work to play and everywhere in between. Ismail’s designs capture a fusion of trendy and funky by experimenting with different media and making bold statements which represents today’s generation. The label caters to different spectrums which also encompass everyday office shirts and formal wear to accessories which complete an outfit, ranging from sunglasses, jewelry, belts and sandals. The clothes represent a lifestyle which echoes style and comfort rolled into one and client’s experience is enhanced through customization. The garments are made with extra consideration given to the climate which echo not only style but comfort by using 100% cotton.

Today, after almost half a decade later ismail has worked on videos and commercials with some of the most reputable directors including Asim Raza. His label has provided wardrobes for campaigns run by top Pakistani brands such as mobilink and from this point on this young designer shows no signs of slowing down. Experience ismail farid’s designs which are revolutionary change for the current generation and the modern silhouettes create a statement on its own.


Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).