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Pakistan’s first luxurious shopping destination

The residence of high-fashion, the Mall of Lahore, brings the world before your eyes. Here’s where the world’s leading brands mingle comfortably with one another. The feeling of getting the finest in an ambiance of absolute comfort and luxury is wonderful. With more than 100 leading stores, you’ll always be spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for stylish fashionable new attire or a simple unique accessory... you will get it all at Mall of Lahore! The center’s atrium courtyard, flooded with sunlight, comfortable seating and abundant foliage create a relaxed yet vibrant shopping environment.

Shopping Zones

  • Hi- Fashion Boutiques
  • Ornaments & Jewels
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Home Accessories
  • Supermarket
  • Lifestyle appliances

Fashion Code is all defined by the clothes, accessories and most importantly the Brands we wear. It starts from our own self expression followed by a self defined bold statement on individuality and self evolution.  The people we meet judge us first by the branded outlook we carry. Looking cool and brand conscious is part of being alive these days.  Nothing says super-fly, like wearing top-tier branded quality clothes, all of which you can find in the newly opened Mall of Lahore, which is a shopping cum entertainment centre of Lahore.